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Is it possible to switch the SD cards while continuously recording? Say you have two cards in the camera. The card in slot A runs out, the camera switches to slot B. Will I be able to switch out the card in slot A now and the camera will continue to record on that card once all space in slot B has been used? I hope you can answer this question. Thank you very much.

The short answer is 'yes.'   The GY-HM100 and the GY-HM700 behave differently in this respect.  The GY-HM700 will continue recording on the card in the second slot when the card in the first slot is full, and then do the same in reverse when the second card fills up.  As long as you continue replacing the card that's not active, you could record indefinitely with the GY-HM700.   The GY-HM100 will continue recording when your first card fills up, but only in one direction.  When the first card is full, the GY-HM100 will begin recording on the second card and continue until the second card fills up, and then stop.

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Comment of Robert (2010-05-08 06:46:13):
JVC engineer's haven't the possibility to provide an upgrade for the GY-HM100 can record in bi-directionnal (record slot A to slot B, AND slot B to slot A) ?

Comment of Michael C. (2010-08-10 00:23:25):
If, after the camera switches from A to B, the card in the A slot is replaced with an empty card, then recording is stopped and restarted, will the the camera continue recording onto B card or will switch to A card?