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While recording to SDHC, is there provision for the camera to also record to a backup media such as a Firestore or direct capture into a PC or Mac? Is the quality the same?

The GY-HM100 does not have an IEEE-1394 (Firewire, iLink) output, so there's no way to record the encoded signal to an external device.  Therefore, JVC does not recommend or provide technical support for external recording from this camera, though it is technically possible to do so.

The GY-HM100  has an HDMI (uncompressed) output, as well as analog outputs, so it is possible to connect an external recording device.   The type and cost would vary depending on your quality requirements.  For example, if image quality is not an issue, you could feed the composite 480i (SD) signal to an external recorder such as a VCR or DVD recorder.  Likewise, you could feed the HDMI signal to an HDSDI converter and record the uncompressed signal with a professional recording device--a VERY expensive method.   

Last update: 2009-11-16 07:24
Author: Dave Walton
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