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I'm going to buy a HM-100, but one point is confusing me. The JVC product site says that the camera works with SDHC Class 6 cards. But I find a lot of Class 6 cards with a different maximum read/write speed, but none with maximum speed of 35Mb/sec, how will I be able to record in full HD mode?

All Class 6 SDHC cards will provide a sustained read/write speed of at least 6 megabytes (48 megabits) per second--fast enough for the 35mbps mode on the GY-HM100.   Many Class 6 cards are advertised to go much faster. What may be confusing is that card manufacturers advertise their speed ratings in "megabytes" rather than "megabits" per second.  (1 byte = 8 bits).

Last update: 2010-02-04 12:14
Author: Dave Walton
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