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Our church has the GY-HM150U camcorder and we continuously record approximately 40 minutes of sermon every Sunday. When we are done recording and are attempting to drop the single clip into our computer, the one recording is automatically split up to three clips even though we never stopped the recording during the 40 minutes. Rec Mode is set on Normal but it still breaks up the single clip to multiple clips after we stop recording.

The GY-HM150U breaks recordings into multiple files (clips) due to the 4 GiB file size limitation of FAT32 file system used on SDHC cards.   Modern editing systems such as Apple's Final Cut Pro automatically combine these clips into a single timeline, and allow output as a single larger file when recording to a hard disk.  

Although newer SDXC media utilize the exFAT system which allows larger file sizes, the GY-HM150U treats them the same as SDHC cards, recording clips <4 GiB.   

Last update: 2014-06-16 08:28
Author: Dave Walton
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