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Do the GY-HM100 and GY-HM700 cameras work with Class 10 SDHC cards?

Class ratings for the minimum data transfer speeds of Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) cards were established by the SD Association. A Class 6 card has a minimum data transfer speed of 6 megabytes (48 megabits) per second under conditions specified by the association. Initially, only Class 6 rated SDHC cards were compatible for video recording with the GY-HM series. The cameras detected the card classification and and rejected cards that were not Class 6. This design is to help prevent data loss when attempting to use slower speed cards.

Recently several manufacturers (SanDisk, Panasonic, Adata) have introduced faster SDHC cards with a new Class 10 rating. While this is a good thing, the Class 10 specification was not available when the cameras were introduced in March 2009. JVC has developed a firmware update that allows Class 10 cards to be used in both models. This new firmware is now available for download from our support site at

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