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I have what appears to be a dead pixel in the middle of my footage. It's bright purple, and it shows up, then goes away for a few seconds, then shows back up. I know there are pixel refreshers on most cameras I have used. How can I do this with the GY-HM750u ?

For the GY-HM750U, the camera needs to be set in the 720p60 resolution in the Record Set menu, and warmed up to full operating temperature, before accessing the pixel compensation menu.

Holding “Focus Assist” (above User 1) and “Status” while turning on the camera, will bring up a “Pixel Compen” menu which you can access and switch to ‘Execute’.  After executing the function, the camera may display a message to power down and turn on.   Typically the function takes less than 20 seconds.  Remember to set the resolution to your normal settings before using the camera. 

Last update: 2012-04-23 12:40
Author: Rob Yarosh
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