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I have an HR21-700 DirecTV box. I called them and they tell me it will work at 1080i. Will I be able to see 3D content on my JVC 3D projector?

Yes, the DirecTV box will work with a JVC 3D projector in the 3D mode if the content is provided from the box at 1080i (side-by-side) which is one of the mandatory HDMI 1.4a formats. It will not work in 3D at 720p (side-by-side) because this is not one of the accepted 3D formats. If the DirecTV box can be switched so that it always outputs 1080i--even when viewing 720p programs--then there should be no problem. But if output format of the box is controlled exclusively by the program content (or channel) rather than a user selection, then you would be limited to 1080i programs in 3D.

This applies ONLY to 3D programming. 2D programs in 720p are automatically scaled to 1080p in the projector and will work fine.

Last update: 2014-01-22 14:45
Author: Dave Walton
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