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I am curious what the bit rate/color sampling rate for the various record formats/speed rates this cameras has. They are not listed anywhere, and I cant find any other manufacturers that use the "UHQ" setting

The recording bit rate for the UHQ (Ultra High Quality) mode is 35Mbps using H.264 compression.  Our current model cameras also offer the XHQ mode which records H.264 at 50Mbps.   Both of these modes sample the image at 4:2:0 and are JVC exclusive modes that store in the standard Quicktime (.mov) format.   

The new GY-LS300, GY-HM200/170 models also offer a YUV422 mode that samples and records an HD signal at 4:2:2 50Mbps (H.264.) 

Which mode provides the highest quality? It depends on the content of your program. Generally, most people cannot see a visible difference between a 4:2:0 and a 4:2:2 image, so for most recordings-especially those with a lot of motion--the XHQ mode would provide the highest quality and least compression.  For images where color resolution is very important (such as chroma keying) then the YUV422 mode may be a better choice.   Remember, there's more signal data to compress with 4:2:2, so at 50Mbps, there's actually more compression than with XHQ.    

A comparison chart of all current models can be found here.

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