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Can sensor sensitivity be set using ISO/ASA photographic numbers instead of gain?

Yes, dB Gain or ISO display settings are available.

Setting Values for ISO: AGC, ISO6400, ISO5000,

ISO4000, ISO3200, ISO2500, ISO2000,

ISO1600, ISO1250, ISO1000, ISO800, ISO640,

ISO500, ISO400]

(Default values GAIN L: ISO400, GAIN M:

ISO800, GAIN H: ISO1600)

Setting Values for dB: AGC, 24dB, 21dB, 18dB, 15dB,

12dB, 9dB, 6dB, 3dB, 0dB]

(Default values GAIN L: 0dB, GAIN M: 6dB, GAIN H: 12dB)

GAIN H: 12dB)

Last update: 2015-06-25 05:46
Author: Edgar Shane
Revision: 1.0

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