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Why does the camera put each recorded clip in a separate folder? It makes transferring it to the computer a real hassle. Is there a setting to tell it to put all clips in one folder?

The GY-HM150 and GY-HM600/650 record HD files in either the XDCAM-EX™ (MP4) format or the Final Cut Pro (MOV) format.  The file folders and naming conventions of these formats were established by Sony and Apple respectively.   As you have discovered XDCAM-EX™ places each recorded clip into a separate subdirectory along with other files related to that clip.  Compatible editing systems require this structure and will alert you if the files are not in the proper folders.   You may wish to download the JVC Clip Manager software to help manage the MP4 clips.  With this software you can copy clips from your memory card to your computer, convert and preview the clips.

Apple's MOV file format places all of the clips in the same folder, making clip management much simpler.   

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