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Can the DVM600 playback a MiniDV tape through Firewire and record to the DVD side of the deck at the same time?

Dubbing a MiniDV tape to an external IEEE-1394 (iLink) device and to the DVD recorder simultaneously is not directly supported as a dubbing function. However, there is a way to do this using either the SR-DVM600US or SR-DVM700US. This clever trick involves patching the analog output of the MiniDV deck to the analog input of the DVD recorder. Although the quality of the recorded DVD won't be as pristine as a direct digital dub, you may find this trick very useful in certain applications. This method will even allow you to burn a time code window over the recorded video on the DVD. To do an analog dub to the DVD while outputting a Firewire signal follow these steps:

Step 1: Setup analog connections.

Connect the VIDEO/S-VIDEO, AUDIO L+R TERMINALS labeled OUTPUT DV/HDD/DVD to the corresponding inputs label INPUT L-1.

Step 2: Load media.

Load in a DV Cassette and cue it up to the desired playback start point.

Load a supported DVD recordable medium (when using DVD recorder).

Step 3: Setup VTR.

Press the OUTPUT SELECT button on the front of the unit repeatedly until “DV” is displayed.

Switch to the intended recording deck HDD or DVD and press INPUT SELECT repeatedly until “L-1” is displayed.

Step 4: Connect Firewire cable to computer.

Step 5: Start Recording deck.

Switch to desired recording deck HDD or DVD and engage recording (press Record button on front panel, or Record and Play on remote control).

Step 6: Engage DV Play-Pause

Switch back to DV deck and press Play and Pause.

Step 7: Record to your NLE

Open up your capture window of your NLE and start recording.


If you wish to record time code to DVD switch superimpose to “ON” in the VTR’s Menu. Your time code should match the code on the MiniDV digital dub, but every frame number may not be displayed on the window dub.

Last update: 2008-11-24 07:51
Author: Dwayne Kersey
Revision: 1.1

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