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I am attempting to control a SR-MV55U using RS-232 on a Crestron control system. I have had success with the all of the functions that I need except for one. I cannot get the POWER ON command to work. Are you aware of this and is there a fix?

There is a feature called POWER SAVE that is utilized in the SR-MV55US combo deck. When POWER SAVE is set to [ON] the rs-232 receiver/transmitter does not have power when this unit is in standby mode, there for it will not respond to the power on command when issued via the 9 pin connector. To enable rs-232 communication while in standby please switch POWER SAVE [OFF] in the menu.

Please refer to page 59 of your user manual for more information about the POWER SAVE function.

Last update: 2008-11-24 07:41
Author: Dave Walton
Revision: 1.1

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